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The Ultimate Teletherapy Guide For Speech Therapists: Dance Breaks

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Here is an excerpt from a teletherapy guide for speech therapists on the benefits of movement and dance breaks:

To make the session more fun, you can play music on your phone for dance/movement breaks. For younger kids, try giving silly directions (ex: Simon Says), or sending them on a quest to find things in the house (ex: Things that are sticky) and bring them back to you. If you are losing the attention of the little ones, immediately play a song or do something silly (start dancing, pretend to fall asleep and wake up abruptly). For older students, let them show you a game or movie trailer on YouTube. Even if you haven’t yet mastered Screen Sharing/Mirroring, you can have a parent/guardian on standby to pull up a YouTube video of the child’s choice.

You can also send the caregiver a link to a YouTube video/clip in advance such as these digital shorts that can be used to address speech-language goals. The child can watch It right before the session and then discuss it with you! For videos to watch with your client, check out this HUGE LIST of animated short videos that are great for addressing a ton of speech-language goals! Pause the videos at various intervals to practice making inferences, answering general “why” questions, identifying problem and solution, retelling the sequence of events, etc.

Source: The Speech Express (full guide)


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