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Jerry Rothwell, Director Of ‘The Reason I Jump,’ Appears On The All About Kids Podcast

In this episode of all about kids, Zach talks with Jerry Rothwell, a documentary filmmaker who has made films like Town of Runners, How To Change the World, Heavy Load, and most recently, The Reason I Jump, inspired by the writings of a young non-speaking autistic boy. The film centers around the central question of the author, Naoki Higashida, ‘could you imagine how your life would be if you couldn’t say what you wanted?’  Through groundbreaking visual and audio techniques, Rothwell brings to light beautiful stories of those often overlooked and invisible in a way that leaves the viewer profoundly changed. In this episode, Jerry and Zach get into the challenges of making a film centered around non-speaking people, the unique way the audio was recorded, Jerry’s journey as a filmmaker and more. 

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